N-Secure is a no holds-barred thrilling drama mixed with murder, mayhem and manipulation among affluent professionals. This film sheds light on a man’s downfall from the pinnacles of success into the depths of his damaged character. His insecurities lead him into a series of troubled romantic relationships and eventually a web of events that include betrayal and murder.



After his fiancée, Robin, breaks his heart, Memphis businessman David Washington immediately jumps into another relationship with the insecure Tina Simpson, but his raging jealousy and own deep insecurities slowly poison her feelings for him. When a desperate Tina tries to break up with David, his obsessions grow out of control and he reacts with a violence that makes Tina fear for her life. The biggest problem that “N-Secure” suffers from is its lack of tying up all the loose ends. For example, Robyn winds up pregnant with David’s child and he issues a restraining order that she is not to come within a 100 feet of him. Robyn calls for DNA testing to prove that David is the father of her baby daughter. David responds by bribing the medical technician who performs the test, but this redoubles Robyn’s efforts to make sure that David pays for his consequences.

When David and Tina start seeing each other, the relationship is like a dream come true until David demands that Tina sign a contract so that he can trust her. He demands that she respect him, call him no later than a minute after he has called if she cannot answer, and stay away from her girlfriends. As far as David is concerned, when a woman hangs out with her girlfriends, this kind of behavior qualifies as an alibi so that she can cheat on her man. One day Tina accidentally burns herself with a curling iron while fixing her hair and David jumps to conclusions and accuses her of having been out with another man. Despite David’s terminal case of insecurity, Tina loves him for the beautiful man that he is deep down in side.

The Blu-Ray comes with a featurette about the production. The A/V Quality is sharp enough for an indie flick mixed to HD quality. However, the DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track is one of the worst I heard all year. The back action is mixing into the front channels. All of the dialogue is stuffed into the center channel, like the film was shot in mono. Hell, forget trying to see what’s going on in the background during darker scenes. It’s barely worth a rental.



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