Anni Zola’s debut album, this product is an Enhanced CD made up of 4 songs, interwoven with 3 short and inspiring stories read by a 12 year-old girl, plus bonus videos, artworks and music contributions from Anni Zola’s community.


    1 Share My Dream
    2 Orfea (audiobook)
    3 Come On Out And Play
    4 A Child of the Limitless Skies (audiobook)
    5 Getting Sentimental
    6 Believe (audiobook)
    7 I Trust Myself (feat. Maxso)
    8 Let’s Pledge (outro)
    9 Let’s Dream Together (poem by Magaly Becerra)
    10 Share My Dream (Caroline Hawthorne adaptation)
    11 Come On Out And Play (instrumental)
    12 I Trust Myself (instrumental)


      Songwriter Zuriani Zonneveld and Indonesian digital designer Bonni Rambatan have joined forces to create a digital Anime styled icon to tackle the world’s ills. Anni Zola was created to become a pop sensation that raises the consciousness of Earth’s kids. Do you know about child soldiers, pollution or general nastiness? Well, Anni Zola will teach you how to cure all of that with the power of being positive.

      “Come On Out and Play” and “Share My Dream” are the standouts. Anything truly high energy and poppy can help to carry anyone’s spirits. But, what does it say for Zola’s mission statement? No one really says anything serious about trying to save the world or talking about issues. Yet, when you go to the Facebook page for Zola, there’s almost nothing but articles talking about issues. It’s kind of odd not to deliver the messages in the music, but randomly dropping them on internet destinations.

      The CD is a short audiobook that features a couple of songs mixed in with selections from the Anni Zola story. I want to say it was Zonneveld’s daughter that narrated the tracks and the young girl does very well. When you push the concept past that, it starts to break apart. Nobody is really that interested in what a cartoon character has to say about global warming or Darfur. Hell, I remember when they used to have Slimer and other characters trying to keep kids off drugs. Guess what happened? Meth. Crack. That thing where the kids stand over cow dung and huff it for a buzz. Cartoon characters are about as effective at preventing global malfeasance as Nancy Reagan was against narcotics.

      I understand that it’s supposed to be fun and targeting preteens, but there’s something very odd about the release that I can’t put my finger on. Big goals should be encouraged, but nothing really comes together by the time one finishes the CD. Kids will listen to it and enjoy the storytelling, but it’s not that hot of a concept album. When does it all come together? I still want to know.

      RELEASE DATE: 06/29/2010

      You can purchase the CD at for $15 bucks.


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