“Murder 101 Collection” is a double feature of its two stellar TV movies. For the really younger readers, let’s talk about CBS in the 1990s. It was a place where the military, angels and the elderly ruled all TV. The old solved crimes, the military prosecuted the crimes and somehow Dick Wolf was left out of the mess. It’s neat that Van Dyke father and son got to star in a show together. It’s just how was this any different than “Crazy Like A Fox” or well, the 800 other shows released in the last 35 years? It’s a mess, but your elderly parents and grandparents will love this.


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The Plot Thus Far

Who Knew Solving Crimes Could Be So Much Fun?

After the tremendous success of the hit CBS series Diagnosis Murder, Dick Van Dyke and his son Barry reunite in these popular made-for-TV mysteries.

Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses

Criminology professor Jonathan Maxwell is called upon to help when a prize racehorse is kidnapped. But the case turns deadly when a member of the family that owns the horse dies in a suspicious fire. What the case yields is a family embroiled in jealousy and greed.

Murder 101: The Locked Room Mystery

Samuel is a spiritual “healer” with a large and influential following. But when he locks himself in a meditation chamber with four students, only to turn up dead with his students still deep in their meditative trance, it’s up to Professor Maxwell to figure out the why and how.

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