Mad doctor uses patients at his isolated psychiatric institute as subjects in his attempts to create longevity by surgically installing an artificial gland in their skulls, with disastrous results.



We witness Griffin (Coleman Francis) escape from prison. He meets two ex-convicts, Landis (Tony Cardoza) and Cook (Harold Saunders). Together, they decide to join a group of government sponsored mercenaries and invade Cuba for $2,000 each. Hiring pilot Cherokee Jack (George Prince) to take them from New Mexico to somewhere near Cuba, they sign up with the group, headed by Joe (John Morrison) and Bayiev Chastain (Tom Hanson), the latter of whom wants to overthrow Castro so that his grandparents can get their sugar mill back.

It turns out that Tor is working in a weird clinic in the middle of nowhere for the evil doctor (Carradine) and his devoted assistant, Dr. Gilchrist (Marilyn Buferd). Despite Gilchrist being a bit of a 50s horror movie babe, however, Carradine seems rather immune to her advances and focuses his energies on creating and implanting a supposed “new gland” in his patients. Sadly, however, the gland only seems to have the side effect of turning the patients into creepy and disfigured ghouls or werewolf-like creatures.

The DVD comes with the unMS3TK’d version of the film for people that want to watch it. Outside of that, you get a brief educational film about Posture and Appreciating Your Parents that gets parodied. The A/V Quality is sharp enough for a film that I can only assume is approaching Public Domain status. However, I wish that the audio contrast between the robots and the film wasn’t so drastic. Match the levels, people. Oh well, it’s worth a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 08/16/2011


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