Five days in the life of an American couple immediately following the accidental death of their child. An every day story of tragedy, loss, acceptance, hope and renewal. ‘Morning’ follows the divergent paths of Mark (Leland Orser) and Alice Munroe (Jeanne Tripplehorn) as they circle each other in a heart-breaking pas-de-deux of grief before finally coming to grips with their shared loss.


“Morning” follows a long line of harrowing films over the last 2-3 years. Whether it’s “Beautiful Boy” or “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, there’s something about exposing tragedy and kids in cinema. I’ve been a fan of character actor Leland Orser for quite some time and the guy makes an impressive debut here. However, it feels like we are a hair away from genius. I feel that it might be unfair to criticize such a strong first effort, but there is room for improvement.

The Munroes are an interesting family and your empathic response is set early on. However, the film seems to last a smidge too long. You’ll start to question motivations and wonder if arcs weren’t completed and then forced into out-of-character selfishness. But, that seems to be par for the course in regards to these actions. Is it a question of audience projection or something actually in the material?

I like it when a movie can make me question my involvement like that. However, a much more active viewer is more than likely going to find holes. Further viewings might help me with this, but the initial screening left me wanting so much more. That being said, it’s a hell of a start. I’ll be watching Orser’s directing career with great interest. For now, I’ll just go out of my way to recommend this film to any and all viewers.

RELEASE DATE: 09/27/13


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