MANEATER (2009) 1



A former FBI profiler, now a sheriff of a small town and a single parent of a high school aged daughter, begins to profile a series of unexplained murders only to learn that the monster he’s profiling may be himself.



Harry Bailey is the sheriff of a small town and usually his biggest problem is poachers. But, one morning, something bigger than that happens and he’s off to the races trying to solve some murders. The whole town wants to believe that a cougar or a grizzly bear attacked the couple, but Harry’s gut tells him something else. He’s also having trouble sleeping because he’s been having these wild, vivid dreams. If the murders and the restless nights weren’t enough, he also has to oversee his 17-year-old daughter Pearl’s actions because he’s a single parent.

A lot of the running time of Maneater is spent on domestic dramas as Harry & his daughter Pearl have the usual parent child arguments going on & then there’s Harry’s missing wife, Pearl’s new boyfriend & her best friend going missing & as such at times Maneater relegates it’s creature feature elements to merely a side issue which is not good since the only reason anyone is likely to want to watch this is because of the monsters.

 The DVD comes with no special features. However, the A/V Quality is pretty solid for an indie horror flick. However, I’m left wondering why we couldn’t get any supplemental material for the flick. Someone had to talk about this film at some point. Oh well, it’s a rental.



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