“Love and Saucers” irked me. While it could be a troubled artist trying to make sense of a history of sexual abuse, the documentary doesn’t directly address that. What it does is take a bizarre fascination in an elderly artist who keeps drawing and painting art about having sex with aliens. Naturally, that would make me giggle and capture my attention. This time, it doesn’t feel right. It feels like we’re making fun of someone that needs help.

That being said, I recommend that my fellow documentary nerds should check it out. I want to hear some arguments on this one, as I can’t find anyone that has the same take on the film.


  • 1 hr and 7 mins
  • Not Rated
  • The Orchard

RELEASE DATE: 12/12/17

  • 87%
    Film Score - 87%

The Plot Thus Far

The strange story of David Huggins, a 72 year-old Hoboken man who claims to have had a lifetime of encounters with otherworldly beings – including an interspecies romance with an extra-terrestrial woman (with whom he lost his virginity to), and chronicled it all in surreal impressionist paintings, few of which have ever been seen.

Filmed in an intimate, nonjudgemental style, Love and Saucers lets David tell his story, and in turn lets the audience decide what is fact, fiction, and everything in-between.


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