“Lost Cat Corona” reminds me of many things. The first is those short films that used to play on premium cable when major studio films weren’t airing. The second is that Ralph Macchio got old, but he looks younger than me. Macchio continues to steal the spotlight in smaller films that go unnoticed by major audiences. In this film, he plays a loveable schlub that just wants to attend his pal’s father’s wake. Unfortunately, his lady friend’s cat has escaped.

The lady makes Macchio spend all day hunting down this damn cat. Along the way, he meets up with old friends and gets to rediscover the neighborhood that he left behind. Laughs are had and Macchio’s character starts to realize that he’s missing out on a bigger world. If you want anymore than that, then you’re not getting the feel or budget of this movie. Strong character work abounds on a shoestring budget. Give it a viewing soon.


  • 1 hr and 25 minutes
  • Not Rated
  • Virgil Films

RELEASE DATE: (theatrical) 2/24/27 (VOD) 2/28/17

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