“Lion” follows Dev Patel, as he keeps trying to prove that “Slumdog Millionaire” wasn’t a fluke. Using India as a backdrop again, the film follows a supposedly orphaned child from India to Australia. The young man works with his new family to find his old home, but will be pleased with the discovery? All the while, I’m waiting for someone to start singing “Jai Ho”. Nicole Kidman is strong in a rather insignificant role. But, everything about this film keeps returning to Dev Patel.

This kid is increasingly becoming the International answer to Josh Lucas. A rather forgettable actor who keeps getting multiple bites at the apple without really doing anything to earn it. The film builds to a reveal about the kid’s origins, but does it matter? The last hour of the movie leads you by the nose to accept that the kid doesn’t know the truth about his past. When the answers arrive, it’s more of an afterthought worthy of a Reader’s Digest article.

Watching it again on home video, something hit me about the movie. Sure, the visuals get to linger and the Cinematography Oscar nomination feels way more deserved. That being said, “Lion” wants you to buy into the quest for identity almost as a side incident. The film is never sure what it wants to be and cuts a ton of the supporting cast out of the film. David Wenham deserved better, but the guy is starting to impress me this year. Keep it up.


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