Mob boss Don Carini (Harvey Keitel) is retiring from the Mafia business – but when he gathers the family to announce his heir, the Don surprises everyone by anointing his goofy adopted son Young-gu (Hyung-Rae Shim) as the next godfather. With everyone gunning for his job – and his father pressuring him to succeed – will Young-gu overcome his enemies and rise to become the head of the family before he winds up snoring with the fishes?



“The Last Godfather” focuses in on Don Carini (Keitel) and his decision to step down and retire as Godfather. Rather than promoting from within, he drops the bomb on his gang that he had an affair while in Asia with a woman that ultimately led to him fathering a child. The child in question is one Younggu, a mentally-challenged grown man who is to acting what Uwe Boll is to directing. Once the young successor arrives to the Don’s home, he is met by the Don’s gang with skepticism. The Don has Tony (Rispoli) and Macho (Pinette) look after his son and train him to be the next Don… but we all know what happens next, Younggu fouls everything up, inadvertently falls for the competition’s daughter, Nancy Bonfante (Donahue) and just basically tries to play everything on screen for laughs, even if it isn’t funny.

Despite director Shim’s numerous attempts at directing an entire cast of brilliant talents, one of the major pitfalls that left me a little miffed was that he never brings out the star power of the leading roles and leaves Harvey Keitel’s character a little devoid of artistic direction. Plus,it takes two to tango but the pace of the romance between Nancy and Younggu does seem a bit brisk and it doesn’t seem that’s he’s all that interested in his leading lady.

The DVD comes with a trailer as its sole special feature. For a film that just arrived and quickly left, there’s not a lot of fanfare for this release. I do find it quite sad that Harvey Keitel has taken to slumming like this, especially when you consider that he’s the original Bad Lieutenant. The A/V Quality is strong enough, but there’s a lot of edge enhancement on the print. Oh well, I’d still recommend a rental for the curious.



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