The dynamic maven of permanent body art continues to make her indelible mark on Hollywood when “LA Ink” Season One, Volume 2 arrives on DVD October 21 from TLC and Genius Products.  Equal parts anarchy and inspiration, “LA Ink” Season One, Volume 2 focuses not only on the trials of opening a new shop but also the back stories of the customers explaining the motivation for each tattoo.  Longing to return to the chaos of Los Angeles, the charismatic Kat Von D packs up her life in Miami and chases her tattoo dreams to the West coast.  Establishing High Voltage Tattoo on her own rebellious terms and backed by a talented motley crew including Kim Saigh, Hannah Aitchinson, Pixie Acia and renowned underground tattoo artist Corey Miller, Kat has everyone from Hollywood power brokers to new-age herbalists to hard core bikers lining up to get inked.  Encased in environmentally-friendly green packaging, the three-disc “LA Ink” Season One Volume 2 DVD collection is available for the suggested retail price of $24.95. 


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