“The Knick” returns with Season 2. The show opens with Clive Owen hospitalized for cocaine addiction. After Owen gets out of the hospital, the board decides to move operations uptown. What I enjoy about this show is placing medical drama in the context of the times. Remember that this was an era where medical sanitation was only 35 years old. Conjoined twins and head trauma patients were frequently operated on in open-air theaters.

If that wasn’t enough, the Hospital board has turn to the recovering drug addict doctor to think of ways to save the hospital. While the season runs short, there’s a reason why there’s a companion website to make sense of what’s onscreen. While I hope the show stays on the air for awhile, I realize that it might be too smart for the room. So, I’ll take my time in Soderbergh TV Land with favor. While the show lacks the novelty of the first season, Clive Owen is allowed to stretch deeper into Dr. Thackeray’s world this year. Hell, I’d kill for Cronenberg to guest direct an episode.


  • 3 Audio Commentaries
  • 4 Inside the Body Shop featurettes
  • 5 Behind the Scenes Pieces
  • 10 Post-Ops
  • 4 Knicktoids
  • Under Construction
  • Inside the Costume Shop
  • Invitation to the Ball


  • 1.78:1 1080p transfer
  • DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track

RELEASE DATE: 8/2/2016

  • 96%
    Video - 96%
  • 94%
    Audio - 94%
  • 94%
    Supplemental Material - 94%
  • 95%
    Show Score - 95%

The Plot Thus Far

CINEMAX PRESENTS Season 2 of the Emmy-winning drama, directed by Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh and starring Oscar-nominee Clive Owen as John Thackery, a brilliant but drug-addled surgeon who pushes the boundaries of medicine, morality and race in 1900s New York. Thackery’s absence (hospitalized for cocaine addiction), a lack of affluent patients and financial missteps have led to a decision by the hospital’s board to shutter the downtown location and move uptown. Algernon Edwards (André Holland) jockeys to become Thackery’s successor as Chief of Surgery, while fellow doctors, nurses, nuns and others grapple with personal and professional challenge

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