Valentine’s Day follows the intertwining story lines of a group of Los Angelinos as they find their way through romance over the course of a Valentine’s Day. The soundtrack is packed with 18 songs including brand new songs from Taylor Swift and Jewel. Taylor also has a role in the movie.


  1. The Proposal / Trying to Tell Her
  2. The Makeup – First Kiss
  3. Apartment Dwelling / Hollywood Loft
  4. Arrival / Airport / Catching Julia / Gotta Stop Them
  5. Flower Shop Talk / To The Restaurant / The Realization / Mi Familia
  6. Light Conversation / Chivalrous Gestures / He’s Married / Forget Me Not
  7. Liz Leaves / Having Sex / I Have No Life
  8. Julia Sees The Light / Edgar & Estelle / Young Love / First Time
  9. She Said No / Don’t Go / I Like Her
  10. My Life’s a Mess / This is Awkward
  11. Ride Home / Guys Talk
  12. Mom’s Home / Soccer Practice / Bike Ride
  13. Reed and Julia
  14. Valentine’s Day
  15. Every Time You Smiled – Carina Round


John Debney’s music is everywhere. Did you miss him in the Christmas season? Well, he got you in the winter with “Valentine’s Day”. He worked his magic on “How I Met Your Mother” this year. Then, you’ve got him coming up in May with “Iron Man 2”. The man is a composing machine.

Debney’s score for “Valentine’s Day” is scattershot at best. It’s been nearly three months since I screened the movie and I’m having trouble placing points of action within the context of the score. Still, bits like the airport arrival and Julia bump-in sequence still play out beautifully. Whether you’re talking about the modern romantic comedy or the films of old, it’s always a hard sell on the music front.

But, hardcore film score fans will always dig on what the average filmgoer passes over. Most of the readers will want to stick around for the “Iron Man 2” original score. I wish Warner Brothers would include an isolated score track on the upcoming DVD/BR release for “Valentine’s Day”. While it’s not the most ear-catching background music, it deserves some attention.


Final Score:  86% – B-


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