“Jamon Jamon” changed the way I look at ham. The title refers to Penelope Cruz’s lover’s description of how her breasts taste. What follows is a semi-political comedy that pokes fun at the class struggle in Spain. When that gets boring, you get to watch a young Javier Bardem fight a man to the death. He does this with a chunk of ham that he uses to smack the guy’s skull apart. This is funny, people! LAUGH! LAUGH!

For the easily bored crowd, you get to watch a barely 18 year old Penelope Cruz have a ton of sex in the movie. It’s not graphic, but it makes me wonder about age of consent laws in Spain. America can’t really say anything, as American Beauty slipped that Thora Birch shot into that Oscarbait film. The film plays rather short, but it doesn’t waste a moment of its time. Jamon, Jamon seems focused on giving the non Arthouse crowd a way into World Cinema.

Does the film matter in terms of lasting historical impact? No. But, how many readers have seen The Cloverfield Paradox and will never get around to Call Me By Your Name? Enjoy the fun and watch more movies.


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The Plot Thus Far

When a mother disapproves of her daughter’s lover, she hires an underwear model and former bullfighter to seduce her daughter.

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