Director: Hilary Brougher
Writers: Hilary Brougher and Tristine Skyler
Cast: Sophie Curtis, Kelly Reilly, Graham Phillips, Linus Roache, Sarah Sutherland, Stephanie March
Studio: Killer Films/Big Indie/Spotlight

“Innocence” is a hard film for me to review, as I’ve had tons of fans who read the book telling me that they were dropping elements out of the movie. Virtually, all the really gross blood stuff. Softening the horrific elements almost turns the movie into a “Suspiria” clone for kids. But, “Suspiria” had nuance and a ton of young women that would be at home on the CW. What’s a discerning viewer to do?

So much of the film is built upon the idea that authority figures don’t listen and it’s up to youth to save the day. Double that for the whole angle that said authority is actually preying upon the youth as some sort of source of nourishment. There is a very heavy-handed metaphor taking place here, just in case you were reading this on your phone. Basically, women are ravaged and torn apart by all sides when making that arduous trek into adulthood. After seeing an early screener for a film about a young girl going to the hospital for bleaching her anus, I’ll take the much more laid back approach of “Innocence”.

Films like this don’t always get the audience they deserve. When you portray the world of the teenage female, you always end up going in polar opposites. You trivialize the experience and frame it by their relation to men. Then, you go the other way and make something so graphic that it becomes avant-garde like “Wetlands”. Young women can’t get a fair shake onscreen, unless it comes from an all-female production or if it’s done for comedic effect. While I realize this can be frustrating, I offer up this in my final thoughts. At least, it wasn’t a film about dudes preying on young virgins.



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