indiePub Reveals ‘Vessel’ Trailer at PAX

indiePub Reveals 'Vessel' Trailer at PAX 1


indiePub just released a new PAX Prime trailer for its upcoming liquid physics puzzle game, Vessel. Solve puzzles by bringing to life physically-simulated liquid machines – made of water, lava, glowing goo, chemicals and more – called Fluros.


In Vessel, players take on the role of Arkwright, a renowned inventor whose Fluro creations have gone awry, turning on their users and disrupting machinery throughout the world. To fix the flawed inventions and restore order, players must create, manipulate and destroy a wide variety of Fluros and operate complex machinery to solve challenging puzzles.


Vessel will be available late 2011 at a MSRP of $14.99 for PSN and PC, and 1200 Microsoft® Points for XBLA.



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