“In the Deep” finds two sisters trapped under water with sharks. While they fight for their lives, their oxygen is running low. Often quoted as the first shark attack movie filmed primarily underwater, the gimmick of the movie never captured my attention. That being said, the film succeeds on its need for scares. By channeling pure Sharksploitation, the film becomes true horror and makes you squirm in your seat. No one’s reinventing the wheel here, they’re just doing an average job steering it.

Also, when can we buy the score by tomandandy? It’s been awhile since I’ve heard an electronic score used so effectively in a horror film. Well, it’s animal attack movie in horror clothing. I hate throwing down monikers like this, but this movie straddles so many lines. Also, it continues to prove that animal attack movies will allow me to forgive most cinematic issues. But, I also don’t want to take away from the technical aspects of the film. It’s quite impressive and it deserves to be seen just for eye candy. Currently, the home video release is cancelled in favor of TWC/Anchor Bay trying to release it theatrically.


  • Nothing


  • 2.35:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 5.1

RELEASE DATE: Never arriving in this form.



This DVD review was capsule packed and timed for a home video release that never came. The Weinsteins sold the film to another distributor and the film was retitled “47 Meters Down”. That film opens Friday and will have its own review. I just thought it would be fun for readers to see a lost bit of DVD coverage from last Summer.

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