Image Metrics Inc. (OTCBB: IMGX), a leading provider of facial animation technology, today announced its Certified Partner Program for leading vendors and technology providers looking to develop facial animation resources. Each certified partner provides a complementary offering to studios working with Image Metrics to help build their respective facial animation pipelines.


In an industry that offers numerous facilities, technologies and vendors, Image Metrics’ Faceware customers now have access to the company’s rich catalog of vendors needed to deliver high-quality solutions within time and budget constraints. Members of the Certified Partner Program receive significant benefits, including preferred pricing of services; direct access to Image Metrics’ technology consulting services; and collaboration in various marketing and promotional campaigns.


As a premier network of trusted and qualified companies, the program identifies partners in three areas: Certified Solution Provider, Certified Technology Provider and Certified Faceware Provider. Qualification for each program ensures that each provider is both proficient in Image Metrics’ technology and also has production experience utilizing Image Metrics’ best practices.


The Certified Partner Program demonstrates the growing enthusiasm for Image Metrics’ breakthrough Faceware facial animation software, and welcomes new additions Blindlight, Eyetronics and MovementCode Studios. As new partners spanning all three categories, these companies join an impressive partner lineup featuring 15 of the most notable and innovative companies in their industries, including Atlantis Recording Group, BangZoom Entertainment, Babel Media, Centroid3D, GameOn, MetricMinds, Mixamo, MoAnima, Nevertheless Audio, Voiceover There and Xsens.


“We’re pleased to welcome Blindlight, Eyetronics and MovementCode into our family of Certified Partners,” said Robert Gehorsam, CEO of Image Metrics. “Their participation demonstrates the excitement companies in the animation market feel about Faceware, and means that our customers can rely on a robust network of solution providers to create amazing character animation in games, film, television or commercials.”


A summary of the new additions to Image Metrics’ partner program:




Utilizing Faceware, Image Metrics has collaborated with leading Hollywood production resource company Blindlight to develop a new library of performances by Screen Actors Guild talent. As a Certified Solution Provider within the new partner program, Blindlight’s new performance library will add more than 100 free performances in six genres for download and use within the Faceware software. To view the Blindlight performance library, please visit:


“Working with Image Metrics’ highly respected Faceware software will be monumental for enhancing our existing resources for video game development,” said Timothy Cubbison, production supervisor at Blindlight. “Through this new performance library, users will be able to gauge effectiveness of Image Metrics’ proven software, yet emphasize the value of professional talent that we can offer to studios.”


MovementCode Studios


Image Metrics is proud to recognize leading motion-capture services company MovementCode Studios as a Certified Faceware Provider, enabling the company to offer Faceware as a service to its already strong client base. As a certified provider, MovementCode can now combine Faceware and full performance capture with its ability to provide motion capture services to the industry.


Eyetronics Media & Studios


Highly acclaimed 3D digital assets producer Eyetronics Media & Studios also joins the partner program as a Certified Technology Provider, where it will team up with Image Metrics to form a state-of-the-art digital character pipeline. Faceware will be integrated with Eyetronics’ photo-grammic scanning technology to allow customers to animate with photo-real assets in cost-effective capacities for face-replacement or digital-double scenarios.


“Through the Certified Partner Program, our clients will be offered the ability to animate extremely high fidelity results in less time,” said Samuel Schoemann, business development manager at Eyetronics. “By integrating Image Metrics’ fantastic animation technology, it is now possible for studios we work with to push the envelope in digital character creation and manipulation at budget-friendly rates with our combined technologies.”


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