Hollywood Film Composer Raises Over a Million Dollars for Children’s Hospital

Hollywood film composer Mateo Messina (“Juno”) has spent over a decade mentoring children, writing compositions for a full orchestra, organizing concerts with A-List performers and donating all the proceeds to Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. Messina has already raised over a million dollars for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Aside from his charitable work for the hospital, Messina has also contributed additional music to director Jason Reitman’s (“Juno”) comedy “Up In The Air,” starring George Clooney (in theatres December 25).



It all began over a decade ago when one of Messina’s best friends lost their daughter to a brain tumor.  It was then that Messina began what has become his life’s mission.  Messina started off visiting the children and spending quality time with them in the hospital, playing music with them.  At this point, the Grammy-winning composer realized that he had more to offer.  Messina began putting on concerts with all the proceeds benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Messina is backed by a workforce of heroes, known as the Symphony Guild, who are dedicated to enriching the lives of the children at the hospital. Each year Messina has been joined onstage by several well known musicians/heroes, including, Alice and Chains, Heart, the Wilson Sisters and many more.



Messina (who has no children of his own) has had a huge impact on the children at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Last year’s concert soloist, Taylor, met Messina during one of Messina’s monthly visits to the hospital. Prior to being diagnosed with Leukemia, Taylor used to sing in a boys choir, and upon becoming ill he would not sing anymore. We are happy to report that Taylor is now living Leukemia free and is once again singing. Taylor and his parents praise Messina’s selfless acts of love and dedication to these children. Last year Messina’s concert raised over $200,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital, and with your help hopefully we will be able to beat last year’s success and spread the program to other hospitals. Mateo Messina is an everyday person; however to many people he has risen to hero status. On November 6, he will present a “Symphony of the Superhero,” taking the hero status off of him and putting it on the children who live each day rising above and defeating fears that many of us have never known. Over 60 children will join Messina onstage for the live concert.

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