HIT TEAM (2014)

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Director: Mark Newton
Writer:  Myles McLane
Cast: Myles McLane, Emerald Robinson, Anita Leeman, Roger Payano, Melanie Camp

“Hit Team” is a live-action cartoon. Hit men with personal issues are cliche, but our two leads flop around town like Friz Freleng was animating them while Don Siegel guided his hand. The humor keeps this film alive, as we have to deal with way too many moving teams of people that are trying to push the plot along. Honestly, I feel like half of the movie could’ve been streamlined to make something much more audience friendly. The days of stuffing comedies with a never-ending cast are over. Look at how well “The Hangover Part III” did and tell me that America doesn’t prefer streamlined hilarity.

Max and Ruthie have to kill six people in a single day. It’s a tall order and it could’ve been handled any number of ways. That being said, when we focus on Max and Ruthie…the film works. Sure, I liked the stuff with the detectives too! It’s just that while the dialogue between our two central characters grows old, there needs to be a counterbalance that can handle the tone of the movie. The other killers, the mob boss and the random hot chick just feel like placeholders. I’m not blaming anyone for that, as it’s a staple of the crime comedy movie subgenre.

Ultimately, the second half of the film is far too drawn-out for me to stay focused. There’s this big push for a resolution, but it feels like everyone has to crack wise and discuss what we’ve just seen. While it was fun with the two leads, it just becomes a marathon by the time the movie ends. As I grow older, I guess it’s an issue of personal patience. I just find myself checking my phone a few times to see the time. If I ever take my eyes off the screen, while your film is playing…we’ve got a problem. A tighter edit could easily fix it, but I guess that’s for another time. Check it out, people. It should be hitting Amazon Instant Video sooner than later.




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