“High Maintenance” started life as a 19 episode Vimeo series that served as a hipster take on the O. Henry tradition of storytelling. While a cadre of short stories and TV length episodes don’t seem like HBO fare, something happened. Series co-creator Ben Sinclair and his wife found a way to make it fit the prestige premium channel. They chose to embrace the ambling nature of the anthology’s focal weed dealer and shift in and out of strangers’ lives. From agoraphobics to dogs to Muslim students, everything comes together in a hazy web of smoke.

I applaud what HBO is trying to do here, but it’s not going to be for everyone. Thankfully, it’s getting a second season in 2017 to help hammer down a chance to reach its desired audience. High Maintenance is that kind of niche HBO cult show that people discover nearly a decade after its gone. While that is kinda sad, it’s just the nature of things. Don’t let this go down like “Carnivale”, people.


  • 6 episodes
  • HBO
  • The Vimeo Episodes and the HBO run are available online. Purchase them…please.

RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW (on VOD, Google Play, all that Digital Distribution)

  • 89%
    Video - 89%
  • 90%
    Audio - 90%
  • 88%
    Show Score - 88%

The Plot Thus Far

A comedy that explores the private lives of unique New York individuals through a common thread: their weed deliveryman.

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