Exclusive U.S. debut album from the Canadian rockers. This U.S. release includes, among others, Hedley’s seven #1s from their two double platinum Canadian releases: Hedley (2005) and Famous Last Words (2007). Vocalist Jacob Hoggard possesses the presence of Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), the unique vocal quality of Billie Joe (Green Day), the cheek of Tom DeLonge (blink-182 / Angels & Airwaves) and the songwriting chops of the most popular American artists you hear all over the radio. You may have heard about Hoggard’s stint on popular television, when, as a result of a bar bet with his bandmates, he entered Canadian Idol (American Idol’s northern cousin) and then dropped out of the competition when he found himself in the final three! 12 tracks.


1. She’s So Sorry
2. 2 1
3. Trip
4. For the Nights I Can’t Remember
5. Never Too Late
6. Gunnin
7. On My Own
8. Bone Shatter
9. Old School
10. Narcissist
11. Hand Grenade
12. Dying to Live Again



In just three short years, HEDLEY has reached an amazing superstar status in Canada. The have two double platinum albums and seven #1 songs. They swept the 2009 Radio Music Awards with the song of the year, chart topper and the ever so great “Fan’s Choice awards…AND Fan Choice awards. They have surpassed other Canadian Superstars such as Nickelback and Avril Lavigne.

Did you think I was done yet? Nope…they were also nominated for 3 2009 JUNO awards in categories such as album of the year, songwriter of the year and fan choice awards, and won in every single major category at the Much Music Video Awards back in 2008.

When the album becomes available, avoid it. This is mindless pop bullshit that dominates the Top 40 for one go-around and then goes away. What in the hell is Canada on? I’ve been listening to this CD for the last week and I can’t find anything that differentiates the happenings here from a commercial jingle. Skip it, then burn it and then throw in the trash. God awful pop pseudo rock garbage that will leave your brain, roughly two seconds after flipping off your IPOD. 

By flipping off, I don’t mean powering your IPOD down. I mean that this CD will piss you off so bad, that you will flip off your IPOD. Your middle finger of rage will shame your IPOD into never turning back on. If you recently downloaded the Seppuku firmware upgrade, the IPOD will then self-terminate as a means of restoring balance to the world. That’s how horrible this CD is. 


Final Score: 69% – F


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