“Hamilton: Building America” is a two-hour documentary about the accomplishments of the non-singing Alexander Hamilton. What follows is 84 minutes of talking heads and restaging of important historical moments. A lot of material tries to overstate his work involving the government. While he was a big influencer on Wall Street and the emerging bank system, something didn’t quite gel. But, that’s for historians to bitch about while bored kids are stuck watching History Channel. It’s not the worst, but it’s enough to make me wonder why this documentary wasn’t cut tighter.


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  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 2.0

RELEASE DATE: 11/14/17

  • 89%
    Video - 89%
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    Audio - 88%
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    Show Score - 87%

The Plot Thus Far

This two-hour documentary captures the amazing life and times of our nation’s forgotten founding father: Alexander Hamilton. Exploring the iconic American political and financial institutions he helped to create, from the US Mint and Wall Street to the two-party political system, we’ll examine Hamilton’s enormous influence that still resonates today. Ron Chernow, whose biography Alexander Hamilton served as the basis for the hit Broadway play, along with other notable names including Tom Brokaw and Maria Bartiromo, contribute to an all-encompassing look at one of our nation’s most accomplished leaders.

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