Four Vietnam Vets go to war against the drug dealers and pimps of Harlem.



Paul Winfield and his band of Vietnam War Vets have come back to Harlem to try to eradicate the pimps and pushers who are sowing the seeds of devastation in their community. What is significant to me is the well orchestrated and articulated courses of action that they employ to achieve their goals. Gordon, the leader, demands discipline and dedication from his fellow Vet brothers to carry out the difficult tasks at hand and they in turn fulfill those demands by utilizing their own special skill sets in their own individual fashion.


Bucket loads of glorious violence and some fine action set pieces follow in this solidly rendered flick which is all the more sadly, so little known. Winfield, although hardly pushed in this, is fine as ever as are the rest of the cast and the director really succeeds in making us care about these protagonists in the ever more perilous situation they find themselves in. Special mention also to the highly exciting final chase scene in this although the final conclusion involving the assassination of the apparent ‘real’ top dog running all of the drugs business in the area is regretfully somewhat confusing not to mention unsatisfying.


The DVD comes with a commentary from the cinematographer and Tony King. There’s some vintage promo materials, but that’s about it for supplemental material. It’s fun to see a film like this exist on its own, but the decision to pair it with Off Limits doesn’t seem that well thought out. The Vietnam angle is loose at best, while the bulk of the action seems to take place in a vacuum. The A/V Quality is a lot better than the old print I remember seeing, so I’m assuming someone remastered it along the way. Oh well, it’s worth a purchase.

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