The Cupcake Maker comes with four special cupcake mixes and frosting that are custom designed for use with this toy. The cake flavors include red velvet, chocolate, yellow, and cinnamon sugar; the frostings are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cream cheese flavored. These easy-to-use mixes, which contain no wheat ingredients–a definite plus for the gluten-free crowd–and require only water as an added ingredient. (Allergy alert: the mix does contain powdered eggs and powdered milk.)

The toy comes with everything your child needs to mix, bake, and decorate the cupcakes: a tiny mixing bowl, measuring spoon, water dropper, and miniature spatula for mixing the batter and frosting; a microwaveable container for baking the cupcakes; and a cupcake frosting gadget with a shape reminiscent of a KitchenAid standing mixer. And everything your little chef needs to get started is packaged in chic, girl-pleasing, contemporary pastels.



Frosting the cupcakes was a mess. The cupcake frosting machine is supposed to spin the cupcake as the frosting comes out. However, the spinning device doesn’t coordinate well with the pull-down frosting dispenser. So, the first cupcake ended up with all the frosting in one big glop on top. The second cupcake had frosting around the outside edge only. The other two were no better. Never once did the cupcake have a nice swirl of frosting on top as shown in the ads. 

The cupcakes it makes with the included mix are not exactly tasty, but they come out of the microwave in 30 seconds, so I wasn’t expecting much. The decorating contraption doesn’t make the perfect swirls like it does in the commercials, but it works, and my kids don’t care what it looks like, they just enjoy making them.



They might look like shit coming out of the oven, but hopefully they won’t make you shit.



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