“The Gardener” is a documentary about Cabot Garden near Quebec City. While it’s a fun journey through the intricacies  f gardening and what it takes to maintain such work, it also has very limited narrative focus. This is always a weird spot for me, as I love many of these documentaries. But, I also have to acknowledge that the film is dry to the point of turning off giant sections of the film-going audience. Check it out if you’re a fan of horticulture, otherwise skip.

Near the end of the backlog, people!


  • Not Rated
  • Gravitas Ventures

RELEASE DATE: 5/18/18 (Laemmle Music Hall in LA) July (VOD)

  • 85%
    Film Score - 85%

The Plot Thus Far

The new documentary The Gardener reflects on the meaning of gardening and its impacts on our lives. Shortly before his passing at the age of 86, influential gardener and horticulturalist Frank Cabot recounted his personal quest for perfection at Les Quatre Vents, his twenty-acre English style garden and summer estate that was opened to a film crew for the first time ever in 2009. Nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Charlevoix County in Quebec, Les Quatre Vents has become one of the world’s foremost private gardens. Created over 75 years and three generations, it is an enchanted place of beauty and surprise, a horticultural masterpiece of the 21st century. Through the words of Cabot and his family, and with the participation of gardening experts and writers, the film looks back at this remarkable man’s personal story and the artistic philosophy that gave birth to one of the greatest gardens in the world.

THE GARDENER was written and directed by Sebastien Chabot. Presented by Productions Julie Dalbec, a Films Reflektor Production, in collaboration with Peak Media. Produced by Sebastien Chabot, Julie Dalbec, Michael Slack. Original music by Luc St-Pierre. Edited by Auelie Govaere. Based on an original idea by Sebastien Chabot and Michael Slack. With participation of Raynald Bergeron, Anne P. Cabot, Colin Cabot, Francis H. Cabot, Adrienne Clarkson, Jean Des Gagniers, Father Louis Genest CSV, Penelope Hobhouse, Tim Richardson. Distributed by Gravitas Ventures.


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