Funny People writer-director Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up) takes an active role in picking the music he includes on his films’ soundtracks, so you can bet the music here matches his new movie’s mood. Since Funny People is a more serious venture about a comedian (Adam Sandler) who thinks he has a terminal illness, Apatow has appropriately chosen a more mature set of songs. The album kicks off with Paul McCartney’s stoic “Great Day” and segues into Coconut Records’ (which features the film’s co-star Jason Schwartzman) power-pop nugget “Wires.”


  1. Great Day-Paul McCartney (2:09)
  2. Wires-Coconut Records (2:26)
  3. All the King’s Horses– Robert Plant & the Strange Sensation (4:20)
  4. Carolina In My Mind (LIVE)- James Taylor (4:59)
  5. Keep Me In Your Heart– Warren Zevon (3:28)
  6. Real Love (LIVE)- Adam Sandler (4:55)
  7. We (Early Take)- Neil Diamond (4:12)
  8. Jesus, ETC. (Live Summer ’08)- Wilco with Andrew Bird (4:01)
  9. George Simmons Soon Will Be Gone– Adam Sandler (2:16)
  10. I Am Young– Coconut Records (3:12)
  11. Memory (From Cats)- Maude Apatow & Larry Goldings (3:54)
  12. Numb As A Statue– Warren Zevon (4:07)
  13. Photograph– Ringo Starr (3:59)
  14. Watching The Wheels (Acoustic)- John Lennon (3:06)


Funny People star Adam Sandler contributes music to the soundtrack with a pair of songs, including a cover of a 1977 John Lennon song, “Real Love,” and the humorous “George Simmons Soon Must Be Gone.”  Jason Schwartzman’s band, Coconut Records, is also represented with a pair of psychedelic British Invasion-inspired songs in “Wires” and “I Am Young,” while Judd’s daughter Maude, who also appeared in Knocked Up, offers an impressive performance of  “Memory” from Cats.

The soundtrack opens with Paul McCartney on Great Day, a bluesy acoustic piece built from guitar, hand rhythms and voice. McCartney digs into the gorgeous melody line with everything he has for a highly enjoyable experience. Robert Plant’s turn on All The King’s Horses is thrilling; you almost wouldn’t know this was the former Led Zeppelin front man. Two songs from Warren Zevon make the cut; Keep Me In Your Heart and Numb As A Statue, showing some of the range of his songwriting talent. Neil Diamond’s We is presented here in an early form and may just be better than the recorded work most are familiar with. The star of the disc is John Lennon on an acoustic version of Watching The Wheels. The coffee-house feel to this cut just adds to the charm of a vastly under-appreciated song.

This collection feels like a baby boomer’s mix tape of death and doom. But, it never takes away from the spirit of the film. Apatow has learned how to craft his audio choices with the daring and bold efforts he presents on film. Thus, producing a near-perfect soundtrack. Come for Adam Sandler covering The Beatles, stay for the Neil Diamond.


Final Score: 99% –A

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