Followers is a found footage film within a found footage film. But, it’s also a modern horror film about privacy fails when you overexpose yourself. There’s also a cult murdering people seeking fame online, as they try to progress into something new. All the while, the film thinks it’s smarter than it is while also retreading so many similar tales. I admire the ability to shoot something like this film on a micro budget. That appreciation still doesn’t override the fact that I found the film pretty boring. You might have better luck with it, but I’m tapping out now.


  • 1 hr and 22 mins
  • Not Rated
  • Synkronized


  • 79%
    Film Score - 79%

The Plot Thus Far

Brooke (Amanda Delaney) and Caleb (Justin Maina, “American Ninja Warrior”), a social media celebrity couple, are celebrating their special anniversary on a camping trip deep in the woods of Sunny Florida. They plan on recording the entire trip for their fans, and Caleb even has a special surprise for her to make this weekend extra special. But they are not alone. Helpless and cut off from all communication, Brooke and Caleb are being followed by Nick and Jake, two aspiring filmmakers hell-bent on filming a documentary on how easy it is to track someone down through social media… and kill them.


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