“Female Prisoner 101: Suck” is another entry in the Nikkatsu women in prison film series. This time, a young woman tries to help out her singer boyfriend. Now, she’s framed for murder and thrown behind bars. Watch as this pretty young thing gets attacked by inmates and made to participate during involuntary sexy time. The guards are violent, the inmates are handsy and the film plays rather short. What else is there?

Well, it’s making me want to do a hard look into the kinds of films that Nikkatsu was making in the 1975-1989 time range. I know the Shaw Brothers had an erotic cinema mini-era, but Nikkatsu seems like it was coming into its own making skin flicks. It’s pretty fascinating and well worth checking out. Well, that is if you can handle this kind of film.


  • New subtitles


  • 2.00:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 MONO


  • 88%
    Video - 88%
  • 87%
    Audio - 87%
  • 80%
    Special Features - 80%
  • 86%
    Film Score - 86%

The Plot Thus Far

Nikkatsu Films sensation Naomi Tani (FLOWER AND SNAKE) stars as a troubled ex-prostitute turned barkeep enchanted by the love of a younger man named Kenichi. After trusting a violent junkie to help with her young lover’s singing career, she is sent to prison for murder. Now known only as Prisoner 101, she spends her days in the dirty prison system full of violent guards and sexually-aggressive inmates. As her boyfriend finally becomes a singing superstar, she longs to see him again someday.

After escaping with another inmate during a fight with guards, she unfortunately learns that staying inside the prison may have been the better option! FEMALE PRISONER 101: SUCK is another super sexy and exploitive entry in Nikkatsu’s “Women in Prison” series of films.

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