Extreme Hangman on DSiWare is propelled to the number 1 spot in sales

Gamelion and SkyZone Entertainment are excited to announce today that the DSiWare™ version of the hit mobile game, Extreme Hangman has sold more units, in just a matter of weeks, than any other game on the same storefront. The game is currently offered for sale on the Nintendo DSi™ Shop in North America for 200 Nintendo DSi ™ Points ($2.00).

The game’s title says it all: Extreme Hangman is based on the time-honored word-guessing game of hangman, but with a hilariously animated twist unlike anything you’ve seen before.

“I think the success is attributable to having the right title targeted at the proper demographic group of casual gamers,” said Key N. Sar, Chief Marketing Officer and Business Development, SkyZone Entertainment. “We couldn’t be more pleased with our first foray outside of the traditional mobile phone platform.”

“We and our partner, Skyzone, are very happy with the results thus far and will continue to collaborate jointly on more Nintendo DSiWare products in the coming years.” Said Sebastian Szczygiel, Vice President, Gamelion.

Extreme Hangman will be released in Europe and Australia during the 2nd Quarter of this year.


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