Directors: The Vicious Brothers
Writers: The Vicious Brothers
Cast: Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Emily Perkins
Studio: IFC

“Extraterrestrial” is cut from the vein of those big box VHS movies that you spent your Elementary School years ogling. A bunch of friends are at a cabin in the woods, when they discover a downed UFO. They set an alien loose and then it’s straight up probing time. From there, we see liberties taken with what amounts to a mature take on several issues The X-Files tackled. But, through a strictly B-movie filter.

Homage is such a fine line to walk. While I’m glad that I saw a thank you to the director of “Fire in the Sky”, there are so many lifts from that film in this picture. I don’t mind lifts when they complement an original story. However, there is nothing here that is painfully original. I chose to watch the film based on the recommendations of readers that enjoyed the Vicious Brothers’ first effort. That being said, if this is what I can expect…count me out.

It was nice seeing Michael Ironside show up in a supporting role. Sure, he’s a crazed Vietnam Vet hiding out as a pot farmer, but it suits him. None of the main characters are as interesting as him, yet I can’t say that I was glad to see them in danger. If anything, the film makes me seriously address whether constant referencing is killing genre cinema. Are we doomed to future generations of film constantly recycling the same plot points and set pieces for eternity? I know that some readers will say that everything’s been done, but I don’t buy that as being true. If everything has been done, then where is the push for innovation? Such apathy is scary and it doesn’t belong in any cinematic endeavor.



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