ENTER TO WIN Two Costume Filled, Gala DVDs This July with THE ROYAL WEDDING and LORD OF THE DANCE (Exclusive Best Buy Version), only from eOne!

Since its premiere, Lord of the Dance has been captivating audiences and critics around the globe and has grossed over one billion dollars worldwide. Now, as the Lord of the Dance tour returns to over 45 U.S. cities in 2011, fans will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, when the internationally lauded Lord of the Dance – the highest-grossing tour in the history of entertainment — and its creator, producer, director, and star, Michael Flatley, brings his vision to home audiences, giving the viewer an unparalleled sense of the scale of the show as never seen before!

Described by the Los Angeles Times as a “show piece extravaganza,” Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance is a magical adventure of sight and sound that transports its audience to a mythical time and place, lifting the spirits and capturing the hearts of all who experience it. Based on Irish folklore, this classic tale of Good vs. Evil, expressed through the universal language of dance, has thrilled audiences worldwide and catapulted Irish dance to a new dimension and unprecedented worldwide acclaim. As the story unfolds, the Little Spirit travels through time to help the Lord of the Dance protect his people from the challenge of Don Dorcha, the Dark Lord. As this evil dark power challenges the hero, the incredible adventure continues, drawing its audience into a mythical universe of love, danger, and desire.

And from the moment the lights go down to the last encore, audiences are spellbound by a masterfully orchestrated combination of precision dancing, state of the art lighting and pyrotechnics. And the 2011 nationwide theatrical release, called “truly jaw-dropping” has also been shot in stunning hi-def, delivering Flatley’s masterful spectacle in singular fashion. Extras include tour diaries, behind-the-scenes footage and audio commentary.




On July 8, the Royal Couple will visit Los Angeles on a mission of goodwill. Before they arrive, celebrate the couples recent gala nuptials with THE ROYAL WEDDING, a commemorative celebration of the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on Friday the 29th April 2011.

From the excitement, expectation and joy of the crowds to the couple’s balcony appearance, this celebratory film brings all the official coverage of the day together in one memorable DVD. In an uplifting, definitive and memorable account of this truly historic and romantic event, no aspect of the day is missed. Embracing the reaction of the public, the arrival of Kate at the Abbey, the reveal of her dress, the bridesmaids, Prince Harry as Best Man, the service itself in full and the triumphant drive through the crowds back to Buckingham Palace and the balcony kiss, every highlight of this very special day is captured for posterity – and for future generations to enjoy!

Extras: Exclusive Engagement Interview — After announcing their engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton gave their only interview to Tom Bradby. The couple spoke openly about the marriage proposal, the engagement ring, the moment they met each other’s families and their plans for children.


ENTER TO WIN Two Costume Filled, Gala DVDs This July with THE ROYAL WEDDING and LORD OF THE DANCE (Exclusive Best Buy Version), only from eOne!



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