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The first four of eleven short films accompanying Dido’s new album, Safe Trip Home, are now available at The films, produced by different directors from around the globe, are interpretations of Dido’s songs through others’ eyes. In support of her third album which releases November 18th, fans are being offered a unique contest (, where winners and a guest receive roundtrip flights and two nights in a hotel at a secret location. There, they will listen to the album in its entirety and have the opportunity to meet Dido in person.

Eleven short films are being produced to accompany the release of Dido’s third studio album, Safe Trip Home.
            Based thematically around the concept of home, these shorts feature stories of hope, love, commitment and longing, from around the globe, a dump site in Rio, a Mumbai taxi-cab, the rugged coast of New Zealand’s South Island, a Thai boxing ring and a picturesque Portuguese fishing village.
            ‘I wanted every song to have its own film to represent the album as a whole. I love seeing how someone else might interpret a song that is so specific and personal to me. It’s an experiment I’ve been really enjoying, watching the songs be turned on their heads by these beautiful emotional visual stories that are coming out of it.’       

            Dido asked various film directors in specific countries around the world to create pieces based on their idea of what home means to them, using a chosen song from the album for inspiration.  The resulting films have so far been made in Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand, England, Scotland, India, Portugal, France and the US.      

Internationally renowned photographer and filmmaker Marcos Prado based ‘us 2 little gods’ on the award-winning feature documentary Estamira he made in 2006. This film tells the story of an elderly woman who has made her home in a waste site in Rio de Janeiro.
            Says Marcos: “Estamira is an extraordinary woman that lived and worked for twenty years at the Waste Disposal Site of Jardim Gramacho.  I wanted to show the amazing relationship of love, care and friendship Estamira and her friends shared in that odd place they called ‘home’.”
            Brazilian director Cristiana Miranda used ‘the day before the day’ to portray a day in the life of a young fisherman from a seaside village in Portugal.  

“Fishermen leave their homes every day before dawn to travel to their other home: the sea.  The home they leave behind is where they sleep and eat and take care of their families, the home they go to is the home they respect and admire. They cannot live without both.”
            The films will be available to view online at from 27 October 2008.
            Safe Trip Home, will be released by Cheeky / RCA on 18 November.


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