Following the release of the soundtrack to the first season of the Showtime original series, Dexter, Milan is pleased to announce the release on August 17 of the soundtrack to the Season 4 of Dexter in conjunction with its DVD release. The album features the acclaimed modern score by Daniel Licht, the famous main theme to the series by Rolfe Kent, an exciting selection of high energy songs by the likes of David Bowie, Culture Club, Frankie Avalon and top notch tracks. This album features all the best musical moments featured in the entire season 4 of Dexter.


01. Rolfe Kent – Dexter Main Title (1:43)
02. Frankie Avalon – Venus (2:24)
03. Brandi Shearer – Lullabies (2:49)
04. David Bowie – Changes (1997 Digital Remaster) (3:35)
05. Culture Club – Karma Chameleon (4:14)
06. The Latin Brothers – La Fabulosa (3:48)
07. Bobi Cespedes – Awoyo (4:11)
08. Luis Alberto – Estar Contigo (4:30)
09. Bobby Mattos – Mi Alma Latina (6:52)
10. Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Llego La Orquesta (6:07)
11. Daniel Licht – Everything Changes (1:34)
12. Daniel Licht – Introducing Trinity (1:44)
13. Daniel Licht – Love Your Wife (2:17)
14. Daniel Licht – Needle In A Haystack (1:42)
15. Daniel Licht – I Need More Time (1:37)
16. Daniel Licht – The Axe / Perfect (3:13)
17. Daniel Licht – Ice Cream / Following Scott (3:28)
18. Daniel Licht – We Need A Break / I Shot You (2:56)
19. Daniel Licht – Trinity Suite (3:13)
20. Daniel Licht – The Perfect Pie / Killing Zoe (3:34)
21. Daniel Licht – The Truth (1:52)
22. Daniel Licht – Following Trinity (1:46)
23. Daniel Licht – Tides (1:45)
24. Daniel Licht – Back To The House (1:39)
25. Daniel Licht – Forgetting Lundy (1:42)
26. Daniel Licht – The End (1:40)
27. Daniel Licht – Blood Theme For Strings (2:04)


Dexter is a Showtime original television series starring Michael C. Hall as serial killer Dexter Morgan, who works as a forensics analyst specializing in bloodstain pattern analysis for the Miami-Dade Police Department. The series is based on the novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. The film won TV Program of the Year at AFI in 2006 as well as four IGN awards and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor. Featuring the theme song by Rolfe Kent, distinct, original score by Daniel Licht and a diverse collection of songs from the first season of this hit television program. The soundtrack translates the show s Cuban and Latin feel, taking place in Miami. The show s most poignant songs were selected to complete this irreplaceable soundtrack.

The score for Season 4 continued to explore Daniel Licht’s experimental style with the series. The problem is that while Licht is experimenting more with strings, his work fell into the background during the heavier scenes. Sure, John Lithgow’s prescence actually lent well into Licht’s playful work with percussion and woodwind. It’s just that the finale was so strong and brutal that it overpowered everything. But, I guess that I’m just complaining to complain.

In the end, it’s more of the same for America’s favorite serial killer. The string work continues to be on par with Michael Giacchino, while everything else seems to fall by the wayside. It’s nice to have a different voice in the world of television music, but I’ve yet to hear that exception piece from Licht. Dexter fans will want to pick up this release, while everyone else should skip. I just like jumping from the Blood Theme back to Karma Chameleon. Someone should do a mash-up.



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