“The Demolisher” is directed by a crew that really wants to work for Refn. Unfortunately, what they’re left with is an open-hearted attempt at making a stylized approach to “Death Wish”. While such ventures are appreciated, it’s more for the sentiment rather than the final result. Donned in riot gear, our hero assaults gangs in effort to right the city’s wrongs. As he cares for his disabled wife, he wonders if his ways have truly failed her.

What hurts the film is that the lead isn’t much of a hero. When he gets the opportunity to be a hero, so much of the material turns back onto things that he could be doing. Emphasis on the word “could”. Between the over indulgence in neon and the missed opportunities, the audience is left with a whiff of a film. If you can handle that, then this might be worth an evening viewing for you. If you’re a stickler like me, you’re going to find yourself wanting to watch any number of Ferrara or Refn films.

I hate raining on anyone’s parades like this, but it’s true. The originals beat emulations any day of the week.


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The Plot Thus Far

Tormented by a crippling sense of responsibility for his disabled wife Samantha, an ex-policewoman, seemingly ordinary cable repairman Bruce channels his sense of injustice into a dark path of vigilantism. Donning riot gear and taking to the streets to right the seemingly infinite number of wrongs committed every day, Bruce becomes The Demolisher, a one-man wrecking ball tearing through a neon-lit city blighted by crime and hatred. As his tenuous grasp on reality weakens with each foray into the urban decay that surrounds him, Bruce s rage eventually reaches a boiling point that may cost him his own life as well as the lives of the innocent he thought he was protecting. Like the stylistically brutal films of Nicolas Winding Refn, THE DEMOLISHER is an unapologetic portrayal of what can happen when a fragile mind is pushed too far.


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