“Dead Shack” is pretty straight forward. Lauren Holly has an army of zombies and she wants to add a new cross-section of people to the horde. Borrowing heavily from Sam Raimi’s work, the film wants you to fear that cabin deep in the rural woods. There is a little bit of commentary about the divide between urban and rural. Still, it’s a movie about crazy people feeding the innocent to their undead peons.

I appreciate a good zombie movie, but we’re rapidly hitting a weird space with those films. While watching the film, a fellow watcher commented that the movie almost plays like an R rated Gravity Falls. The comparison was almost instant and probably made me like the film far more. Still, a connection to outside material doesn’t strengthen the core concept. What we have is something that plays like Canucksploitation of the late 70s/early 80s with modern sensibilities.

It’s worth a watch.


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The Plot Thus Far

While staying at a cabin in the woods during the weekend, three teenage kids discover their neighbor is ‘feeding’ guests to her zombie family. In short order, the battle is on as the kids fight to save themselves and their family.

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