A gang of tough London gangsters get more than they bargained for when a group of businessmen make an offer to buy their club, the Inferno. They turn out to be nothing less than Vampires wanting their land back and turn viciously on the gangsters when their demands are not met.


“Dead Cert” is a London gangster-vampire hybrid, which is a fine idea in itself, Dead Cert is a case of ambition running way ahead of ability in, well, just about every department! So badly do the two concepts fail to meld, or work even on their own individual basis, it makes me wonder what kind of script the film has. Did it even have one or were the cast allowed to busk their way through? There’s certainly no sign of firm direction on show here. Budgetary constraints are obvious, but time and again talent can cover for this if the core elements are present and correct.

It’s difficult not to draw comparisons to superior films. This is to do “Dead Cert” a disservice though, it’s an ambitious film that works on some levels and fails on others but is certainly very watchable. Those expecting a rollercoaster ride might be disappointed but those with a love of slow burn, traditional British horrors might be pleasantly surprised. I’m just really surprised that Shout took a chance on this title. It falls outside of their usual parameters, but I’m glad that I got the chance to experience the flick.

The DVD comes with a director’s commentary, production featurette and trailer. The A/V Quality is pretty strong, but it lacks any real field of depth. The Dolby 5.1 surround track really punches up the action. Outside of that, the commentary was rather informative, but I felt like I was listening to an apologist more than someone who accepted the fact they threw yet another hybrid horror film out into the market. Oh well, it’s still fairly decent and well worth a watch for the anglophile horror fans out there.

RELEASE DATE: 09/27/2011


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