Take a load off and catch Doug Benson’s
new CD "Unbalanced Load" released on COMEDY CENTRAL Records August 4.

"Unbalanced Load" was recorded at the Punchline in San Francisco on April
20th, 2009
. Why that date? Not because it’s Hitler’s birthday, but because
4/20 has been adopted as a stoner holiday and Benson is one of the biggest pot
comics around. He co-wrote the Off-Broadway show (and COMEDY CENTRAL Records
release) "The Marijuana-Logues" and starred in the documentary "Super High
Me," in which he smoked pot continuously for 30 days.

Benson is best known for his regular appearances on VH1’s "Best Week Ever"
and was a finalist on NBC’s "Last Comic Standing." His television appearances
also include a "COMEDY CENTRAL Presents" half-hour special in January 2009 and
appearances on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "The Sarah Silverman Program," "Curb Your
Enthusiasm" and "Friends." In addition to his credits as creator/writer/star
of "The Marijuana-Logues," a show that’s been a hit in clubs and theatres from
Los Angeles to New York, drawing a bongload of rave reviews and his COMEDY
CENTRAL CD, he also authored a book, The Marijuana-Logues: Everything About
Pot That We Could Remember. In 2006, High Times Magazine named him Stoner of
the Year. Doug also expresses his love of movies on his "I Love Movies"
podcasts (available on iTunes).

Previously released recordings by COMEDY CENTRAL Records include: Dane
Cook’s "ISolated INcident," Cook’s platinum-selling "Harmful If Swallowed" and
double-platinum "Retaliation"; Mitch Hedberg’s "Do You Believe in Gosh?" and
"Strategic Grill Locations"; Grammy Award-winning "Lewis Black: The Carnegie
Hall Performance"; Grammy Award-nominees’ Steven Wright’s "I Still Have A
Pony," and George Lopez’s "America’s Mexican"; Joe Rogan’s "Shiny Happy
Jihad"; Christopher Titus’s "5th Annual End Of The World Tour"; Norm
MacDonald’s "Ridiculous"; Demetri Martin’s "These Are Jokes"; "Jim Gaffigan:
Beyond The Pale"; Mike Birbiglia’s "My Secret Public Journal Live"; D.L.
Hughley’s "Notes From The GED Section"; and Dave Attell’s "Skanks For The

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