COMEDY CENTRAL Records(R) To Release Dane Cook’s’ ISolated INcident’ CD/DVD on Tuesday, May 19

Dane Cook scores a double play as his CD/DVD “ISolated INcident” hits stores on Tuesday, May 19. The two-disc set contains a full-length CD of his best new material which will premiere on COMEDY CENTRAL May 17th as the “ISolated INcident” special, as well as seven bonus tracks of additional material. The second disc is a DVD featuring an hour-long documentary on the making of the album and well as the outrageous promo for his special.

After his last two highly-rated specials and multi-platinum selling albums, Cook reinvented his act and took it to the stage in front of a packed house at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. This intimate show was performed in a nightclub atmosphere in which Cook shared the audience’s energy in a real-time performance without a safety net. Here, he showcases a darker and more personal set with cutting edge material that pushes the envelope. Cook tackles everything from race and relationship issues to the detractors who have sprung up in the wake of his fame, all from his unique perspective and with his patented high-energy style.

Through COMEDY CENTRAL Records, Cook’s prior stand-up releases have achieved major success with “Harmful If Swallowed” certified platinum, “Retaliation” certified double platinum and “Rough Around the Edges” certified gold.

Previously released recordings by COMEDY CENTRAL Records include: Mitch Hedberg’s “Do You Believe in Gosh?,” Dane Cook’s platinum-selling “Harmful If Swallowed” and double-platinum “Retaliation,” Grammy Award-winning “Lewis Black: The Carnegie Hall Performance,” Grammy Award nominees’ Steven Wright’s “I Still Have A Pony” and George Lopez’s “American’s Mexican,” Joe Rogan’s “Shiny Happy Jihad”, Christopher Titus’s “5th Annual End Of The World Tour,” Norm Macdonald’s “Ridiculous,” Demetri Martin’s “These Are Jokes,” “Jim Gaffigan: Beyond The Pale,” Mike Birbiglia’s “My Secret Public Journal Live,” D.L. Hughley’s “Notes From The GED Section,” and “Strategic Grill Locations” and Dave Attell’s “Skanks For The Memories.”


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