COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment(R) Releases ‘Gerry Dee: No Reading Ahead’ DVD Available Exclusively on

Hailed as one of North America’s next comic breakthroughs, former schoolteacher-turned-comedian Gerry Dee (NBC‘s “Last Comic Standing”) gives us his hilarious take on teaching, dating, marriage and life in general in this tour de force concert performance. This DVD is a must-watch for any fan of stand-up comedy.

Released via COMEDY CENTRAL Home EntertainmentGerry Dee: No Reading Ahead” DVD is now available exclusively on The DVD will be available through CreateSpace DVD on Demand, a solution which manufactures DVDs only in response to customer demand, making it an innovative manufacturing and distribution solution for television networks and filmmakers alike.

In this special, Dee takes aim at overachievers everywhere. From childhood and beyond, this comedian has been leading the charge against those caught reading ahead. Find out how he crushed the dreams of his first grade students in the classroom and on the dodge ball court, and his experiences crossing state borders with his Scottish dad. Dee also shares the difference between men and women in their nights out on the town, and how with tape and a little bit of imagination, any pair of boys can make the letter H.

Gerry Dee: No Reading Ahead” DVD features the following bonus features: “Bits I’m Tired of Doing…But You May Like,” backstage interviews and feature audio commentary.


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