CMT Announces New Online Parenting Survival Guide for Hit Series ‘World’s Strictest Parents’

The age old question “How do I handle my kids?” is answered this week with the launch of CMT’s new “World’s Strictest Parents Online Parenting Survival Guide,”

The Online Parenting Survival Guide, based on CMT’s hit series “World’s Strictest Parents” (WSP) which documents the journey of two unruly teens forced to live with very strict host parents under different standards then they are accustomed to, takes a lighthearted approach to the serious subject matter of parenting teens.

The Online Parenting Survival Guide serves up education with an irreverent twist. The interactive guide, which adds new content on a weekly basis, features “Ask the Parents” tips and dialogue from the WSP featured family, “Parents Survival Tips” on such topics as discipline and encouragement, message boards to connect with other parents, and downloadable mad-lib style “Letters to Kids” and “Letters to Parents” to bridge critical communication gaps.

Also featured is America’s Strictest State Poll that tracks American’s feedback on typical problematic teenage behavior – such as when a teenager returns from school with a D on his math exam or comes home with her eyebrow pierced – and how lenient or strict parents’ punishment should be. Poll results will be tallied each week and tracked on a map of the United States, and at the end of the season, the audience will be able to determine America’s strictest state. Poll participants will be entered to win the grand sweepstakes prize of $20,000, to be announced after the season finale.


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