Clue: “The Office” Edition, hits store shelves this fall and in this new Collector’s Edition version of the classic “whodunit” mystery game, players will go deep inside “Dunder Mifflin” to solve a mysterious crime – the “murder” of everyone’s favorite Human Resources executive Toby. “The Office” Clue Game is made by USAOPOLY under license from Hasbro® and NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group and Reveille LLC.

“Fans of ‘The Office’ will love this game,” said Kim Niemi, Senior Vice President, NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group. “From the ‘murder’ of Michael’s nemesis Toby, to the familiar murder weapons, which include a rabid bat, a bicycle chain and a World’s Best Boss mug, the game is full of the show’s trademark wit and sly humor.”

“We’re always looking to extend ‘The Office’ brand in fun, unique ways that fans will really appreciate,” said Todd Cohen, Vice President of Scripted Television at Reveille, the production company behind ‘The Office.’ “Like Clue, the show is filled with a cast of quirky characters, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to put Michael Scott in the Warehouse with the Bacon Grill.”

This new take on the classic CLUE game transforms the game board into the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company offices. Players of “The Office” Clue Game will find themselves being called into work by Michael on a Saturday. Upon arrival, they discover Toby (Michael’s nemesis from HR) “dead” in the lobby. Along with Toby are instructions for a mandatory Team Building game of CLUE. The employees must determine WHO “killed” Toby, WHAT office weapon was used and WHERE the crime occurred. The prize for the winning employee is an additional week of paid vacation!

The nine locations include the Reception Area, Conference Room, Break Room, Annex, Accounting, Parking lot, Warehouse, Kitchen and of course, Michael’s Office. The six suspects, including Jim Halpert, Stanley Hudson and Dwight Schrute, have taken on the special powers of Green, Plum, Mustard, Peacock, Scarlet and White. The powers, including multiple dice rolls and extra moves, are a new game play feature allowing players more opportunities to gain information and speed up game play. “Employees” can add further intensity to the game by introducing one of the twelve Intrigue Cards:

• Move anywhere
• Take another turn
• You may start a rumor in your current location
• Move anyone back to their start space
• Add 6 to your roll
• You get to see the card shown to another player
• The player on your right must show you a card
• Be excused from answering a rumor

Players will have to strategize to solve the crime and reveal which of the nine weapons “killed” Toby. The collectible weapons include the Dundee Trophy, a Ream of Dunder Mifflin Paper, the Bacon Grill, the World’s Best Boss Coffee Mug and other iconic greats from the hit show. Overtime on a Saturday has its limits so employees must solve the mystery within an eight hour day. In order to track the time, CLUE: The Office Edition includes 8 clock cards each representing one hour of time. The employee who draws the 8th card is disqualified from the game. CLUE: The Office Edition will be available in August at specialty retailers nationwide, including Barnes & Noble, Borders and JC Penney. It will also be available online at This fan favorite is appropriate for ages 9 and older. Visit for all the game details.


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