Circa Pictures Partners with Imagine Media to Bring IMLIGHT Technology to High Definition

Circa Pictures and Prod. Co, Intl., Inc of Beverly Hills  Stock Symbol: CPPD (OTC.PK) has partnered with Texas-based Imagine Media to provide the Film, TV, & Video industry with a new means to transfer all formats (Video, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, and any product digitally stored in Standard Definition) to true 2k/BluRay quality HD.


The invention, called IMLIGHT Film Transference Technology (IFTT) was recently unveiled at the new Cowboys Stadium when IMLIGHT transferred old Dallas Cowboy film and the HD technology was successfully shown on the largest HD screen in the world (62 yards long or 160x 72 feet). IMLIGHT is a quantum leap forward in transfer technology combining affordability and storage in a format that will make the product readily available for all current and future technologies. Attendees to the upcoming NATPE convention will be able to see the amazing new technology demonstrated.


At the NATPE convention, Circa Pictures will be in booth # 723.   According to President and CEO Constantine Papadopoulos, “We have already scheduled a number of meetings for IMLIGHT and Imagine Media., but to further highlight the IMLIGHT technology, Larry Pursley, CEO of Imagine Media will be delivering a presentation on Monday, the 25th as part of a Digital Briefings panel discussing “Formatting Content for Digital Delivery.” The session will present the specifications for a range of leading platforms and technologies from Standard Definition to High Definition transfer of content to YouTube, MobileMe and HD delivery of content on the iPhone.


The Dallas Cowboys, NFL Films, Baylor University, University of Oklahoma have already used IFTT services to transfer historic footage of famous football games in SD for broadcast in HD, as has a historically based program that recently aired on the Discovery Channel. IFTT is equally feasible for those wishing to preserve digitally acquired content in its highest-possible format and thus efficiently future-proof films using this more economical re-transfer process. IFTT works by digitally projecting full frames at their maximum original size, and then takes pictures of those large frames, maintaining integrity and pixelization at extremely high HD resolution. The system then outputs that image file to a hard drive as a secure master, from which content owners can create versions of their media in just about any format they want, maintaining or even improving image quality of the original film negative or video tape.


In addition to its ability to convert into diverse formats for further editing or processing, IFTT also provides superior color quality (16,777,216 colors at 24 Bit per Pixel) and affordability. The IMLIGHT process has about 256 times the color depth of even the best Telecine processes on the market, and is also gentler and more respectful of the original film negative. Because IFTT uses its own facility and hardware rather than relying on rented scanners, its lack of overhead also makes it a more cost effective alternative.


Image Media is headed by Larry Pursley. The technology was invented by a well-known industry scientist, Rich Sheperd. Circa Pictures is headed by President and CEO Constantine Papadopoulos,  Anthony Gouveia is the Executive Vice President and CFO, Frank Hagan, the Vice President of Television Production and Development, and Rob Nelson is  the head of TV Development for Circa Pictures. More information on the revolutionary IMLIGHT technology can be found at Circa Pictures web site .


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