Join young trainees Wilson, Brewster and Koko in these six traintastic adventures. Watch as they learn how to pull a royal carriage, help Eddie repair the depot clock and take on the challenge of carrying passengers. Along the way, the trainees learn how to play fair, follow through on tasks, practice patience and help each other ride the rails of life. Your own little trainees will want to climb aboard and discover it all for themselves in It’s Training Time!



Chuggington, follows the humorous adventures of Koko, Wilson and Brewster, three trainee engines each with their own unique personality. Rounding out Chuggington’s cast of characters is a modern, colorful fleet of engines including Puffer Pete, Action Chugger and Frostini, who help the trainees learn important lessons like cooperation, perseverance and respect. Throughout each traintastic episode, the trainees embark on different adventures where they learn to ride the rails of life and explore Chuggington, a safe and exciting world. Each episode is designed to teach simple, yet important, social-emotional lessons that help preschoolers prepare for their early learning years

Blasting through at about ten minutes per episode, you get several lessons about friendship and banding together against impossible odds. Small kids love trains, small kids love cartoons…this seems like a winning match. However, I’m left wondering what the long-term appeal of this stuff might be. It’s not like “Chuggington” is the most eye-popping or memorable show on television. However, it’s refreshing and well worth spending time watching and learning from this gang that just loves to get along.

The DVD comes with a Badge Quest episodes, trailers and some coloring/activity sheets that you can download via PC. The A/V Quality is pretty strong with amazing Dolby 2.0 Surround audio to support the kid-friendly animation. The transfer is pretty flat, but it does what it can with six episodes loaded onto a single disc with a ton of bonus material. If you’ve seen past Chuggington releases. you know what you’re getting here. I’d recommend a purchase to parents of young kids.



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