“China Salesman” has one thing going for it. Having the balls to make old Mike Tyson fight fat Steven Seagal is worth the price of admission. But, it’s also more Chinese nationalist propaganda. China is entering this weird phase of its Entertainment history. The closest America had to it was the peak 50s historical epic push. When you think about it, the developments were quite similar. The push to rewrite history and test new technologies as never stronger than now.

Plus, China is gaining more access to Western actors as their financial pull grows. Chinese theaters are being built in record numbers and the Eastern influence is buying giant production outfits in America. So, why can’t they make a good movie? Well, they don’t have to make it good. The film exists much like the previous hits in the Wolf Warrior series exist. This is the Chinese government influencing film productions to make African expansion look pleasant.

It’s no different than how America tried to sell the world on nuclear proliferation and the fear of Communism. It’s just that the shoe is on the other foot now. History can be a fickle bitch at times.


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The Plot Thus Far

Based on a true story, CHINA SALESMAN takes us on a dangerous and epic adventure to Africa where a Chinese salesman comes face-to-face with a corrupt competitor over a prized telecom deal. Local tribesman KABBAH (Mike Tyson) and mercenary LAUDER (Steven Seagal) take up opposite sides in a brutal hand-to-hand fight while the entire region threatens to explode in a dangerous civil war.


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