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A rising music group on the brink of success…but one member has a problem that’s out of control and jeopardizes the band’s shot at stardom.  From drinking and drugs to explosive tempers, violent outbursts and depression, each episode of “Fuse Rock Bottom” explores an up-and-coming band with an issue that is affecting everyone and tearing the group apart.  With the help of an intervention specialist, each group must try to save their band and the life of their troubled band mate, by staging an intervention and confronting him with an ultimatum – clean up your act or be replaced.  After 30 days, the band must decide between their troubled friend and a talented newcomer waiting in the wings. 

Episode Description

Episode #2 – STILL STANDING – Tuesday, October 14, 11:00pm – 11:30pm EST

Lead vocalist and bassist Justin has serious anger management issues that drastically affect the band and his relationship with his identical twin brother, band member Johnny.  After losing band members and producers due to his behavior, the band is ready to level the ultimatum and do whatever it takes to make it happen in Hollywood.


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