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Fusion is how AMD marries innovation with collaboration. Far more than just the convergence of the CPU and graphics processing, Fusion is how AMD and its partners enable next-generation technologies that change our lives. Fusion is the process where customer needs, dreams, and desires bond with AMD’s own passion for engineering. It is Fusion that fuels this collaborative process and unleashes innovation on an exponential scale. Looking back, Fusion has enabled AMD to lead the industry with a legacy of breakthroughs. We were the first to achieve speeds of one billion clock cycles per second. The first to integrate standard 32- and 64-bit computing architectures. And the first to shatter the teraflop-in-a-box performance ceiling. And more. Today, Fusion is the catalyst for AMD’s accelerated computing model, harnessing the power of specialized hardware to help boost performance and enhance energy and cost efficiencies. It is a force that’s already changing the way we work, live, and play.

At work, Fusion is changing the data center forever. Setting new performance records on benchmarks for key workloads such as web services, database, and virtualization. Setting the standard in high-performance with low power requirements. And deploying specialized cores to bring parallel processing performance to mainstream business applications.

At home, Fusion is bringing Hollywood to your family. Harnessing the same AMD multi-core technology that enabled special effects wizards to render complex animation in minutes instead of days. Enabling innovations like AMD LIVE! TM to help people share movies, videos, photos, and music on all the screens of their lives. Allowing you to bring true HD computing capability to your home and on the go.

 At play, Fusion is the energy behind many of today’s most stunning PC gaming experiences. Applying our years of graphics processing experience as the originators of the first 3D GPU. Partnering to enable platforms like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Delivering big-screen imagery and photorealism to the real-time interactivity of your favorite video game. Pushing the limits of performance in real-time, 3D game play on our quest for human-eye realism.

Fusion. It’s the energy of innovation. It’s what’s fueled our past, and what will drive our people and partners in the future. To learn more about innovation, the next generation of breakthroughs, and how they’re made possible by Fusion, visit .The future is Fusion. And it’s only from AMD.


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