Charlie Boswell talks cloud computing, gaming, and the entertainment industry

Charlie Boswell, the Director of Digital Media and Entertainment at AMD, has posted his experiences and work with cloud computing including this year’s AMD Fusion Render Node unveiling at CES. Let me know if you would like to interview Charlie to discuss his role in the future of cloud computing and how it is advancing the entertainment industry. His work with Jules Urbach, founder and CEO of OTOY & LightStage, is changing the landscape of computers, gaming, and and high definition content where all the heavy computing is done on the server side in the cloud and not within your computer or device.


“Imagine watching a movie half-way through on your cell phone while on the bus ride home, then, upon entering your home or apartment, switch over to your HD TV and continue watching the same movie from exactly where you left off, seamlessly, and at full screen resolution…Imagine playing the most visually intensive first person shooter game at the highest image quality settings on your cell phone without ever having to download and install the software, or use up valuable storage space or battery life with compute-intensive tasks,” said Boswell in an interview with The Inquirer.


“Turn it on and play. You never get exposed to the seedy side of technology…my team’s role at AMD is to ensure our technology removes barriers so the user can be about his/her task. That is the main story of cloud computing…The cloud offers the planet at least the hope of a better user experience,” Boswell says in his blog.


Charlie Boswell’s Global Nerding Blog – “Cloud Computing: Invasion Of The Client Snatchers”:

Interview with The Inquirer – “AMD’s Charlie Boswell talks about Fusion Render Cloud”:

Tech Crunch article – “OTOY In Action. You Have To See This”:


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