CBSNEWS.COM LAUNCHES WEEKLY “RETAIL REALITIES” COLUMN today announced a new weekly column that gives consumers a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the world’s largest retailers, credit cards programs, loyalty programs, and online shopping.  Evan Schuman, the former News Editor for InformationWeek and Retail Editor for PCMagazine and eWEEK, will be writing and reporting for the column.


U.S. retailers carry the most personal information about Americans—from credit card numbers, purchase history and even mobile data about their travel particulars than any entity, other than the U.S. government and it is critical for consumers to pay close attention to how their personal information is shared and used. 


In this weekly column, Schuman will explore various retail industry topics including:  Are debit cards any more risky than credit cards? What should consumers be aware of when considering a loyalty card? How credible are customer Web site comments? What are RFID tags and can clothing truly be tracked once it leaves the store?  A new column will be posted on the site every Friday and can be found at


“The Credit Card Reform Bill is an example of the efforts that are being made to protect Americans, but there is much to be done to inform them on the latest happenings in the retail industry,” said Dan Farber, Editor in Chief at “The ‘Retail Realities’ column will shed some light into hidden pitfalls and traps, and help consumers protect themselves and their privacy.”


“Major household name retail chains are facing economic threats from stores being shuttered and huge brands being disintegrated,” Schuman said.  “So many retailers that are under extraordinary pressure making it that much more important for consumers to have a better understanding of what is really going on behind the various retail programs.”


Schuman has specialized in retail coverage since 1999, where he reported for Retail Information Systems News, Consumers Goods Technology, and was later named the Retail Columnist for PCMagazine and eWEEK.  Prior to that, he had served as the News Editor for InformationWeek and TechWeb. He’s also reported for a wide range of consumer media, including the New York Times, Reuters, USA Today, National Public Radio, CNN Radio, the Philadelphia Inquirer and The Baltimore Sun. Currently, he serves as the Editor of, a site that tracks retail technology, E-Commerce and security issues. 


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