A spy recently disavowed by the US Government uses his Special Ops training to help others in trouble.



At the end of season three we had Michael saving the life of the man who burned him and capturing a serial killing maniac who was once a spy just like Michael. But Michael broke a few laws to catch him and is now a prisoner himself, held in a lock up that’s not the normal kind. Instead Michael is introduced to a new “friend”, a man who says that he wants to assist Michael in finding out just who is behind a secret global attack on the country, a person or group that is doing damage from within. Michael agrees to help but at the same time still distrust everyone but his friends.  As the season opens, Michael is given a pass card to gain access to a federal building to obtain information. Before leaving he witnesses the man whose card he had, a spy named Jesse Porter (Coby Bell), being escorted from the building. Michael has just burned another spy, doing to them what was done to him.

The fourth season of “Burn Notice” brought Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) one step closer to being brought back “in” to the agency and no longer being burned. The question for Michael is if he truly wants it as it will change everything in subtle and not so subtle ways including his relationship with Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar). Over the course of season four Michael is teamed up with his evil twin and mentor Larry (the marvelous Tim Matheson who also has directed a number of episodes–bit of trivia Tim Matheson also did the voice for the classic 60’s cartoon for the title character in “Jonny Quest”)and he also has to partner up with the “enemy”.

The DVD comes with a ton of featurettes, commentaries and deleted scenes. All 18 episodes are presented with pristine A/V Quality, however I’m left wondering why FOX won’t return to a Blu-Ray release for these newer seasons. If the USA HD broadcast continues to blow away the visuals on the Home Video release, then what’s to keep consumers from just sticking with their DVRs? Oh well, I guess that’s something for the ad wizards to contemplate. I’ll just recommend a rental.

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